Rocky River City Council Minutes

July 2, 2018

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July 2, 2018

The meeting of the Committee-of-the-Whole was called to order by Mr. Moran, President of Council, at 7:00 p.m. in the David J. Cook Council Chambers.

Council Members Present: Mr. Hunt, Mr. Shepherd, Mr. O’Donnell, Mr. Furry,

Mr. Sindelar, Mr. Klym, Mr. Moran

Administration: Mayor Bobst, Director Costello

Law Director: Mr. Bemer

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Mayor announced that Mr. Rich Snyder was appointed as the Service Commissioner of the Rocky River Service Garage. Mr. Snyder is an individual with a lot of skills that will help lead the department into the next phase of computer based work orders, financing and purchase orders. Rich has a great level of understanding and has done a great job with his own division. The Mayor is very excited to welcome Rich into this new position.

The City received a check in the amount of $233,236.00 from the Bureau of Workman’s Compensation. This amount is 85% of the 2016 premium which is a combination of surplus that the BWC had along with the City’s effective claim management, Safety Councils, Drug Free Workplace Initiatives, Safety Committee at the Service Garage and other things that Director Greco, Law Director Bemer, Director Costello and Director Thomas are involved in.

The pickle balls courts are currently being resurfaced at Tri-City Park. When that work is completed there will be seven tennis courts and six pickle ball courts for residents to enjoy.

The Solid Waste District released their annual report. The Mayor is happy to report that Rocky River is up slightly with recycling hovering around 40% leaving about 60% for improvement. The Mayor thanked the residents who participate in the recycling programs.

The Mayor shared the Building Department statistics. The residential and commercial permits combined are up to 847 permits issued by the Building Department this year compared to 820 permits at this same time last year, giving the city $14,000,000 of added valuation.

There will be a tool drive starting next week at the Recreation Center. Eagle Scout Adam Cain built a receptacle where tools can be collected for Habitat for Humanity. There will be an e-update going out regarding this project.

The Friday Food Trucks this week will be the Fire House Grilling, Smokin’ Rock-n-Roll and the Donut Lab. Rocky River City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting July 2, 2018 Page 2 of 4

This Sunday there will be a summer concert with the band “Cheeseburger and Paradise”, which is a Jimmy Buffett tribute band.

On Friday, July 13th at 9:00 a.m. there will be a flag dedication ceremony of the new flags placed in front of Memorial Hall. There is a flag to honor each branch of the military service along with the American flag. The Mayor is working with the Joint Veteran’s Council to put this program together along with scouts and other veterans who will be in attendance. Whole Foods will provide refreshments for this event.


COMMUNICATIONS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mr. Shepherd will not be in attendance at the July 23rd Council meeting due to a work commitment out of town.


AMENDED ORDINANCE NOS. 84-17, 87-17, and 90-17: Mr. Shepherd said that these are on hold waiting for the Planning Commission’s recommendation. These will have a 2nd Amendment to include the date the ordinance was approved by the Planning Commission.

RESOLUTION NO. 35-18: This is to adopt the 2018 Master Plan. The Planning Commission has recommended the adoption of the 2018 Rocky River Master Plan. The Mayor said that if there are any modifications for the Master Plan from Council to please communicate the changes to the administration so Council has a clean copy for the Public Hearing on July 16th.

ORDINANCE NO. 37-18: Mr. Sindelar said that the city is seeking to purchase a one-ton dump truck with a snowplow package to replace a vehicle that is out of service. This has been read twice and discussed three times. Mr. Sindelar would like this to be added to a Consent Agenda.

RESOLUTION NO. 38-18: This resolution deals with the ratification and approval of a Natureworks Grant for $150,000 which has been submitted by the Mayor and the Safety-Service Director to the ODNR for Bradstreet’s Landing Park Pedestrian Bridge Improvements over Spencer Creek. This does require a 25% match from the City so this grant would be money to replace that. Mr. Klym asked that this be placed on the Consent Agenda.

ORDINANCE NO. 39-18: This ordinance is for the WWTP 2017-2020 Capital Improvements Project, which was in the WWTP’s budget and approved by the management committee last year. AECOMM has been retained by the management committee to complete this project. Two bids were received and North Bay was the lowest and best bid. The project consists of replacing all electrical in the Clarifier Control Building and replacement of the raw sludge and scum pumps along with a concrete walkway surrounding the building with grating. The final clarifiers will have the replacement of the grout in the rail system for the traveling bridges, repair of the stairways entering the final clarifier basement and sealing of cracks and joints in order to eliminate groundwater and process water leakage into the building. This project received 2017-project year funding through the District One Public Works Integrating Committee in the form of a grant (25%), loan (50%) and a local match (25%). Emergency language was necessary due to funding constraints as part of the DOPWIC funding. Mr. Rocky River City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting July 2, 2018 Page 3 of 4

Furry’s search of the State Auditors Unresolved Findings list did not list North Bay Construction. This ordinance will have three full reads.

ORDINANCE NO. 40-18: This ordinance authorizes the Mayor to enter into an agreement with SmithGroup JJR for engineering and permitting for the demolition and replacement of the near-shore portion of the fishing pier at Bradstreet’s Landing Park. This has been discussed several times and is in conjunction with Ordinance No. 47-18 which deals with the Community Development Grant Agreement for the fishing pier reconstruction project with Cuyahoga County. Mr. Klym assumes these will go hand in hand. The engineering and permitting is necessary in order to move forward with this project. The Mayor said that the city will use the State Capital Funding.

ORDINANCE NO. 41-18: Mr. Shepherd said that this is the annual paving ordinance. Maps were distributed showing Homeland Drive, Frazier Drive from Buckingham to BeachCliff, 22 parking spaces at the south driveway at the Ice Rink and a portion of the WWTP drive/operation area are slated to be repaved this year. There are also some concrete repairs to be made on Forestview and Hyde Parkway. Seven bids were received and Crossroads was the low bidder.

RESOLUTION NO. 42-18: This is an annual ordinance for delinquent sewer charges that were billed throughout 2017. Although the amounts were billed these remain unpaid. This will take the unpaid charges and accrued penalties and be assessed against the resident’s property tax. Notice was provided of the July 11th deadline. This will have three full reads. The Mayor added that all residents included on this ordinance have received a letter notifying them of this debt in June. Prior to passage, Director Thomas will provide Council with an updated list.

ORDINANCE NO. 43-18: This ordinance is for the purchase of a single tandem axle cab. The purpose of this axle cab and chassis is to carry the vac-all which is used to clean out the drain bases and suck up the leaves around the city. Director Costello will get clarification on the exact description of this vehicle.

ORDINANCE NO. 44-18: This would authorize the Mayor to enter into a contract for the architectural services for the Rocky River Police Department and jail with Bowen and Associates. Six proposals were received and the top two firms were interviewed. Bowen and Associates has unique experience with prior jail facilities. The contract includes planning of the facility by creating the architectural renderings and drawings, the creation of bid specs and the review of bids and consultations with contractors. Mr. Hunt said that Bowen was impressive during their presentation to Council and are uniquely qualified.

 Mr. Furry has concerns regarding the cost. The Mayor said that this project is not to exceed $10,000,000 total, including the work at City Hall. The other firms that bid on this were Percpectus, TDA Architecture, Ziska Architecture, Axion Architects and Williams Architects.

 The Mayor added that there is a significant technology piece to this that requires individuals that have expertise in the needs of police and the safeguards that are needed in their system.

 President Moran said that there are a lot of details to look at. The want list vs. the need list needs to match up to the final number.

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ORDINANCE NO. 45-18: This is a project regarding the Breezevale Cove sewer that helps drain storm water from south of Lake Road. There were four bids received and Digioia was the lowest and best bid. The storm sewer will be paid for by the city and will always be under the city’s control rating. This will have a construction and permanent easement. The sewer runs from the Normandy Creek across to Lake Road on the west side of Breezevale Cove.

ORDINANCE NO. 46-18: This replaces Ordinance No. 93-18 and has been referred to the Planning Commission. The attachment will be reviewed and discussed at next week’s meeting.

RESOLUTION NO. 47-18: Mr. Shepherd is happy to see Casino funding coming back to the city. The Mayor said that she will present next Monday morning to the County Council’s Committee on Community Development. The Mayor explained that this is a parallel process. This City Council is reading it at the same time as the County Council. The final read at County Council will be at the beginning of August.

MISCELLANEOUS BUSINESS: President Moran reminded Council about Larry’s Grillin’-n- Chillin’ at the Senior Center tomorrow from 11:00 – 1:00 p.m.

President Moran wished everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

As there was no further business by members of Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:46 p.m.


James W. Moran Susan G. Pease

President of Council Clerk of Council