Rocky River City Council Minutes

June 17, 2019

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June 17, 2019

The meeting of the Committee-of-the-Whole was called to order by Mr. Moran, President of Council, immediately following the Special Meeting in the David J. Cook Council Chambers.

Council Members Present: Mr. Hunt, Mr. Shepherd, Mr. O’Donnell, Mr. Furry,

Mr. Sindelar, Mr. Klym, Mr. Moran

Administration: Mayor Bobst, Mrs. Costello

Law Director: Mr. Bemer

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.


The Mayor presented Mr. Michael Petrakis, owner of Michael’s Restaurant, a Certificate of Special Recognition along with a pin to the city. The Mayor acknowledged Mr. Petrakis and all he has meant to the City of Rocky River. Mr. Petrakis came to the United States in the 1970’s from Greece and opened Michael’s Family Restaurant on Detroit Road in Rocky River building a loyal customer base over almost 42 years. Michael’s Restaurant is known for serving comfort food and Greek specialty dishes and free Thanksgiving dinners lovingly served every Thanksgiving for forty-two years. Thank you for your long-standing commitment in feeding the community. The Mayor wished Mr. Petrakis good health, happiness and a relaxing retirement. Mr. Petrakis thanked the Mayor, City Council, everyone’s parents and grandparents that have helped him stay in business for 42 years. He loves the city, he opened his business here, he married his beautiful wife here at St. Demetrius, bought his home in Rocky River and raised his four children in the Rocky River School District and will retire here in Rocky River.


The Mayor stated that Director Costello submitted a grant proposal last week to the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission for a Planning Grant to implement a priority in the Master Plan which is Linda Street. The County has received the application and has had some positive comments initially regarding the proposal. It will be scored and ranked against several other grant proposals that were submitted at the same time. Rocky River’s is somewhat unique as the city is hoping to leverage the Store Front Renovation Rebate Program that the County is currently revamping so that the city can work with private businesses at the same time making infrastructure improvements on the public side. Congratulations to Director Costello for submitting a very important grant. This supports all of the investment the city is seeing along Linda Street, a very important connector between Lake Road commercial and the residential investments happening in the city.

The Mayor shared statistics concerning the collection of hazardous waste material. The last collection cycle collected over 3400 pounds of hazardous waste and Rocky River was the number one community in the County. Thank you to the residents who have disposed of their hazardous waste in appropriate ways so it is not getting into the landfill or causing issues for the trucks, etc. Congratulations to the community on this effort.

The new fire truck will be arriving in the next few days. Training will begin almost immediately on the truck and then will be in service as soon as the three shifts are comfortable with the vehicle. The fire truck will also need to be outfitted with materials and supplies. Rocky River City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting June 17 2019 Page 2 of 5

The Mayor shared grand total building statistics including both commercial and residential building permits. Building permits are at 644 permits being issued with a total valuation of $16,556,839 which compares very favorably with the valuation last year of $11,986,000. Both of these totals exceed the ten-year average in number of permits and total valuation. Investment continues to be strong in both residential and commercial areas.

The Mayor announced that Mr. Robert Holub, the new Director of Parks and Recreation, began working today for the City of Rocky River. Mr. Holub is a graduate of Kent State University for both his undergrad and his graduate degree. Bob has worked at recreation centers for Cleveland State, Alabama and most recently at Marshall University. The recreation department at Marshall was for the University but also served the community. Mr. Holub is a very successful administrator, has been an educator and has won several awards. The city is very excited to have him leading the department.

“Food Truck Fridays” began this past Friday. The list for “Food Truck Fridays” can be found on the website through August 16th and was also sent out on Ready Notify.

Thursday is the opening of a new business at the eastern end of Center Ridge Road. Vitalitybowls will have their Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 10:00 a.m. Also on Thursday at 11:00 a.m., is the opening of the 60th anniversary of the Greek Festival at St. Demetrius, with a ribbon cutting to begin the festivities.

Friday and Saturday, the Garden Club Flower Show at the Civic Center kicks off in the afternoon. Horticultural examples as well as flower arranging and other things will be exhibited. Also on Saturday at the Civic Center Gymnasium, there will be a Poverty Simulation hosted by the Community West Foundation.

 Mr. Moran asked if the cost is increasing for the cardboard bin collection. Director Costello said the city receives a small rebate from the efforts of recycling cardboard at the Service Garage and City Hall. Mr. Moran asked if it would be better if residents brought all their cardboard to the bins as opposed to placing it in the blue recycling bags. Director Costello responded that putting cardboard in the blue bags does save the city money because it is not going into the landfill. Certainly, it would be even more helpful to get the rebate from the bins, but everyone’s effort is appreciated.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Planning, Zoning and Economic Development: President Moran said that there was a BZA Meeting last Thursday and five items were approved. The Design Review Board meeting was this evening. This Tuesday there will be a Planning Commission Meeting concerning Valvoline at the old Merit Building, Raising Cane Chicken and 700 Lake.



ORDINANCE NO. 40-19: This authorizes the administration to renew a contract for one year with Admiral Products for the printing for the city. Admiral Products will hold their same price since 2014. Mr. Shepherd would like this on the consent agenda for next week’s Legislative Meeting.

ORDINANCE NO. 41-19: This has been read twice with two discussions in between. This is for the purchase of a 2019 Chevy Malibu for the Senior Center, from the State Cooperative Purchasing Contract and is in the budget. This will replace a 2006 Impala, which is past its useful life. This will be used for senior transportation and a large portion of the ridership prefer the sedans for their transport needs. Mr. Sindelar would like this on the consent agenda.

ORDINANCE NO. 42-19: Mr. Sindelar again thanked Mr. Grau for his presentation on Ordinance No. 42-19 two weeks ago. This ordinance allows the city to enter into a contract with Logicalis for network upgrades along with security. This new system will work hand in hand with the Munis software that was approved by Council. Rocky River City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting June 17 2019 Page 3 of 5

Logicalis has a support system to get the upgrades up and running and good support thereafter too. This ordinance will also be on the consent agenda.

ORDINANCE NO. 43-19: Mr. Shepherd said that this ordinance authorizes an agreement with Westland Heating and Air Conditioning for the maintenance of the Dectron Pool Dehumidification System. This will not exceed $20,000 and sets an hourly rate of $86.00 per hour. The quote indicates all the routine maintenance and repairs needed for HVAC equipment. Mr. Shepherd would like this on the consent agenda also.

ORDINANCE NO. 44-19: This ordinance will permit the city to obtain a principal amount of bond financing not to exceed $6,000,000 for the purpose of demolition and building of the new police facility. The administration is comfortable with this amount and feels it is more than will be needed and the amount for the new police station will not exceed $10,000,000. The balance of the funds will be paid out of either the recently established Budget Stabilization Fund or the Capital Income Tax Fund. This has been discussed for over a month and have had a full opportunity to vet it and have all questions answered. This will not be put on the consent agenda.

ORDINANCE NO. 45-19: This ordinance is very similar in nature to Ordinance No. 44-19 and permits the city to obtain bond financing to help pay for the new Ladder Truck in an amount not to exceed $750,000. The administration is comfortable with this amount and will pay the balance out of the city’s current budget. The city also looks forward to receiving insurance proceeds as soon as litigation ends. This will not be put on the consent agenda.

RESOLUTION NO. 46-19: Mr. O’Donnell said this is the Alternative Tax Budget, which will be read for a second time next week. This is a budget that the Finance Director puts together because he is required to by the Ohio Revised Code and submit it to the County. This is a preliminary budget with many assumptions without formal input from the directors themselves. It is a very basic, skeletal outline of the budget.

ORDINANCE NO. 47-19: Mr. Shepherd said this was just discussed briefly in the Special Meeting this evening. It will be read for a third time next week. This is a two-year contract at $1,975,960.75. Mr. Shepherd does not anticipate any last minute issues, but will not put this on the consent agenda. This will include the stamped concrete crosswalks at Wagar along with the crosswalk by the pool on Hilliard Blvd.


ORDINANCE NO. 48-19: Mr. Sindelar said that this is for the purchase of a 2019 Chevrolet Malibu Vehicle for the Building Department. This will replace a Ford Focus that is no longer worth repairing. The mechanics recommend that this vehicle be replaced. This expenditure is in the budget. This will have three full reads.

RESOLUTION NO. 49-19: This is an agreement that the city of Rocky River and Fairview Park will agree on handling funds to do the work in two combined projects; one funded by the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative Implementation (TLCI) grant funds awarded to Fairview Park and Rocky River was awarded the funds from the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) grant. Both these processes are being administered by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA). NOACA requested that one municipality be the lead agency to pay invoices to the contractors and this agreement sets forth that process naming the City of Rocky River as the lead agency. This project improves the pedestrian walking areas, crossing curbs, upgrades pedestrian signals, installs stamped concrete crosswalk areas, modifications to control southbound traffic on Wagar approaching Center Ridge to reduce accidents, improve the crossing environment at the Northview, Center Ridge and Linden intersection, upgrade signals on Center Ridge to reduce congestion on Center Ridge Road and get a better traffic flow. These grants were discussed about a year ago and now the money is being put to work. Mr. Shepherd will discuss the contract terms and the funding breakdown between the cities at the next Council meetings. Rocky River City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting June 17 2019 Page 4 of 5

 Mr. Moran stated that there were many Council members along with the Mayor and Safety Service Director that were involved in the plans from those meeting and this will be a great program for the Center Ridge corridor. Thank you to Director Costello for applying for these grants.

ORDINANCE NO. 50-19: Mr. Sindelar said that this is for the purchase of 2019 Senior Mobility Vehicle with 15 total passenger capacity. This was put out to bid with two responses. This is a substantial upgrade from the current vehicle with capacity for two wheelchairs and enough space for regular passengers and walker storage. It will have slip resistance floors, storage pouches, a public address system for the driver, and a back-up camera and monitor. There is a $60,000 grant from NOACA and private donations totaling $15,000 leaving the city with a balance of $8,805 for an $83,000 vehicle. Director Costello commended the Director of Senior Services, as she did most of the work on this grant.

 Mr. Furry asked for confirmation on the funding. Director Costello said that $60,000 will come from NOACA, $15,000 in donation and $8,000 from the General Fund in the budget. The Rotary Club and Giant Eagle have given sizable donations yearly for many years to support Senior Transportation.

 Mr. Furry asked how often this vehicle will be used. The Mayor said that with this new vehicle services will be enhanced and expanded for medical appointments, trips, etc.

 Mr. Klym asked if the driver would need special qualifications. Director Costello said that anything over a 15 passenger would need special qualifications.

ORDINANCE NO. 51-19: This will be read for the first time at next week’s Legislative Meeting. This ordinance authorizes the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Sitetech, Inc. for the demolition and site work for the new police station. The Bowen and Association recommendation is attached to the ordinance. This is the second round of bids as the first round all exceeded the engineer’s estimate. Sitetech came in at $1,107,000 which is $28,800 lower than the next bid. It is still $95,788 over the engineer’s estimate but is within the 10% threshold that is acceptable. Some of the components of the agreement will be asbestos removal currently in the police department building, the creation of a construction zone with secure fencing, protection of the trees where necessary, construction trailers, demolition of existing structure and removal of debris, installation of all drainage systems and storm water detention water quality system, moving water service lines, installation of temporary construction entrances off of the main city campus drive area and one off of Wagar. These will accommodate the large equipment needed for the delivery and removal of materials on the site. The parking area and storm water porous drainage area with the concrete will be addressed. The site preparation work will lead right up to the main trades. This ordinance will be read three times. Mr. Hunt asked about the comment regarding the firing range. The Mayor said that the firing range will be bid as an alternate and then the administration along with City Council will make a decision.

 Mr. Sindelar asked about the discussion regarding the advantages of having a firing range on site. Has the city looked at the money the city would save by having a firing range on site? The Mayor said there has been work on a cost benefit analysis, but the most important thing is that the officers are proficient at using their firearms. The city is also bidding as an alternate the elevator for City Hall. The city wants to be sure to hit the $10,000,000 mark and not go over. The firing range could be added in the future.

 Mr. Klym asked about the schedule of the work Sitetech is approving. Some of it is early on but some will come near the end. New sidewalks and parking lots will not be put in while all the construction is going on, correct? Director Costello said the schedule will be confirmed once they sit down with the contractor. There will be a series of phasing with some work done at the end of the project.

 Mr. Klym asked about the entrance off Wagar Road. Will that come directly in front of City Hall? Director Costello said it is a temporary stone and concrete area and it will be between Hilliard and the Fire Department Drive, closer to the Fire Department. The Mayor said that the final design does not

Rocky River City Council Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting June 17 2019 Page 5 of 5

have the driveway extending all the way to Wagar. The city was concerned about the ingress and egress so it was stubbed at the end of the building.

 Mr. Sindelar asked for the final renderings be sent to Council.

 Mr. Furry asked if there have been any unresolved findings on the auditor’s database? Mr. Hunt will inquire about this.

 Mr. Moran asked when this project will begin. Director Costello said hopefully within a 2-3 month range.


As there was no further business by members of Council, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

James W. Moran Susan G. Pease

President of Council Clerk of Council