Rocky River City Council Minutes

May 7, 2018

Rocky River City Council Safety Committee Meeting May 7, 2018 Page 1 of 3


May 7, 2018

Safety Committee Meeting

The Safety Committee Meeting was opened by President Moran at 6:30 p.m. in the David J. Cook Council Chambers.

Safety Committee Members Present: Mr. Hunt, Mr. Moran, Mr. Klym, Mr. O’Donnell

Council Members Present: Mr. Furry, Mr. Shepherd

Council Member Absent: Mr. Sindelar

Administration: Mayor Bobst, Mrs. Costello

Assistant Law Director: Mr. O’Shea

Councilman Hunt opened the meeting this evening by introducing Animal Control Officer Jarvis and thanking he and Director Costello for their hard work on Chapter 505 of the Codified Ordinances and the proposed changes. Chapter 505 of the Rocky River Codified Ordinances is regarding dangerous or vicious dogs. These proposed changes are draft form only.

505.01 – 505.03 – No change

505.035 – Unsanitary Conditions – Providing food or other sustenance to geese, ducks,

gulls, pigeons, deer and wild turkeys has been added.

505.04 – Deleted language regarding registration of dog licensing through the City’s


Mr. Shepherd asked if County Registration is required. Director Costello said yes and this is good because if a dog is designated as dangerous, the County can be easily alerted. This is also State Code.

505.05 – No change

505.06 – The period of time for a barking/howling dog(s) will be in excess of 15

minutes. 1st time will be a warning.

505.07 – Mayor Bobst said that the State Legislation is considering legislation regarding

dogs on patios. ACO Jarvis concurred that it has already passed through

the House and is in the Senate. The Mayor said that there could be State

Laws that will weigh in on this matter. Director Costello said that 505.07

could remain as it is because of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code and

the County Board of Health and this new state legislation would take

precedence over the city’s.

505.08 – Possibly changing the terminology of blind/deaf to sight/hearing impaired. Mr.

O’Shea asked about “companion” dogs. ACO Jarvis said it is easy to Rocky River City Council Safety Committee Meeting May 7, 2018 Page 2 of 3

receive approval to have a “companion” dog. It can be done through the


505.09 – No change

505.10 – Deleted language and added reasonable restraint. It isn’t a reasonable restraint

if it isn’t effective.

505.11 – Removes specific breed language regarding vicious dogs. Sub-section 955 of

the Ohio Revised Code specifically defines vicious dogs and dangerous

dogs and there is no reference to specific breed language.

Mr. Shepherd asked about the term “bully breed”. ACO Jarvis said that this is an overall bull type breed in general.

Mr. Klym found some inconsistencies in this part of Chapter 505. Mr. O’Shea said to make reference to the state statute and default to that if necessary.

505.12 – New language added regarding a dog that is deemed dangerous would handle

situations where a dog is removed from the city but harbored elsewhere in

the County.

505.13 – Is the appeal process.

505.14 – Changes the surrender of the dog to Animal Control Officer as opposed to the

Safety-Service Director.

505.15 – No change

505.16 – Restraint of dangerous dogs. The new proposed language is that the dog must

be under control at all times if not in a pen.

505.17 – No change

505.18 – Changed to coordinate with 505.11 regarding without provocation language.

505.19 – Proposed additional language regarding impoundment of dangerous, vicious dogs. The County Animal Warden will be charged with enforcing

state regulations regarding the dog being moved out of the city to another


505.20 – Added language “deemed vicious” to subsection (a).

505.21 – New section regarding the neglect of animals.

505.22 – Is now Cruelty to Animals.

505.23 – New section regarding the tethering of animals.

505.24 – Was 505.22 Abandoning Animals.

505.25 – Was 505.23 General Rabies Quarantine. No change.

505.26 – Was 505.24 Quarantine Procedure and Compliance. No change.

505.27 – Was 505.25 Impounding Procedure. Increase of fees for impounding animals.

505.28 – Was 505.26 Court Order to Remove or Destroy Animal. No change.

505.29 – Was 505.27 Administering Poison. Pest control no longer limited.

505.30 – Was 505.28 Hunting or Killing Animals. No change.

505.31 – Was 505.29 Protection of Wild Life on Public Property. No change.

505.32 – Was 505.30 Trapping. Eliminated language regarding entrapped wildlife being

turned over to the City’s ACO.

505.33 – Was 505.31. Rabies Vaccination of Cats and Dogs. No change. Rocky River City Council Safety Committee Meeting May 7, 2018 Page 3 of 3

505.34 – New proposed language regarding feeding of wildlife. No person shall provide

food to wild animals including but not limited to birds, deer, turkeys,

raccoons, coyotes and other vermin except appropriate bird food in feeders

72 inches off the ground.

As there was no further business by the Safety Committee, Chairman Hunt thanked ACO Jarvis for attending this evening’s meeting and then moved to adjourn, seconded by Mr. O’Donnell.

Vote: Hunt – aye O’Donnell – aye Klym – aye Moran – aye

4 ayes 0 nays

The meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.

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Thomas J. Hunt Susan G. Pease

Safety Committee Chair Clerk of Council